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Kit Cannolicchi pistachio – Empty cannoli mignon to be filled – Box of 18 pcs

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Fragrant and small pods of cannolo mignon excellent representation of Sicilian pastry in DIY version, although thousands of kilometers away these delicious cannoli will bring you the scent, the smell and the noise of the land where they were produced

* Made using the traditional technique that includes the use of bamboo rods. The prolonged natural drying times and the craftiness of the confectioners makes this cannolo a unique specialty of its kind.

* The structure of the cannolo is so different from the industrial reproductions that you will seem to consume another product.

* Nr 1 durable box perfect also to ensure safe transportation.

* Products twice a week, the product we deliver to you is always fresh and you can store it for 60 days from the date of production.

Shipped directly from Sicily, from the ancient Artisan Pastry Workshop of “Il Boss Gaspare Perniciaro” in Sambuca Di Sicilia (AG)

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These delicious Sicilian mignon cannoli with an unmistakable scent, crunchy and fragrant are produced at the time of order and following a strict and accurate artisan method using exclusively raw materials from local producers at Zero Kilometer and without the addition of dyes or artificial essences.

Our mignon cannoli are kneaded with extra virgin olive oil and are fried in sunflower oil.

The fragrance of the Waffle remains unchanged for 60 days.

To be consumed in the family or with friends dabbling in DIY stuffing.

Our cannoli will be delivered to you in a box with Sicilian themes with the bag a few fillings of pistachio cream/cocoa cream and hazelnuts / apricot jam / according to the choice you have made

Ingredients: Sicilian rimacinato flour, Sambuca zabuttino wine, sugar, corn starch, coffee, eggs, extra virgin olive oil, cinnamon, vanillin, vegetable margarine. Filling: .pistachio cream.

Produced in a plant using the HCCP protocol.

The products of the category “Pasticceria secca” of which the Cannolo Supremo Kit is part is shipped ” from Monday to Friday’”

For more details on shipping methods visit the dedicated section of the portal

The cannoli mignon Kit contains:

  • 18 cute empty Waffle
  • 1 pocket bag with pistachio cream
  • Impalpable sugar
  • Pistachio grain


  • Open the cannoli mignon holder box
  • Place the cannoli mignon on the table with the help of the bag a few stuffing the waffles
  • Decorate with pistachio grain, impalpable sugar
  • Serve and taste

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Peso 2 kg

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